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We are the one source that assists you in reducing the spiraling costs of benefits. We provide you the experience and flexibility to create and manage an efficient overall benefit program that includes a cost containment medical management that gives you a high ROI for claims reductions.

Incentives programs help you to successfully control claim costs with wellness to maximizing costs and allow you to maintain control.

“We have been pleased to work with MBA and Critique …for our clients. They have served our clients in areas of cost containment with results beyond our expectations. One of our larger clients has been able to take several “vacations from premium” in the past couple of years. In working with individuals suffering from diabetes, hypertension chronic heart failure and many other conditions, Critique has helped improve their health and decrease their risk as well as the cost to the medical plan. …we have found those patients who have been tracked by Critique’s tele-monitoring program have the quickest improvement and best response to case management. MBA…has contained cost to the extent that rates have in many cases been reduced.”
- Tim Preston, Financial Strategies Incorporated



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Critique is committed to cost containment of medical services, as well as patient advocacy while maintaining the highest quality of care for those we serve, with an emphasis on preserving quality of life and respect for individual needs. We offer the highest standard of patient advocacy, honesty, personal integrity and fairness.<

HealthSteps™ is a wellness program for your employees that will help to improve overall health while reducing costs for medical plans. We build programs that truly “move” your employees to a healthier lifestyle and incentive plans help to ensure the effectiveness of the program and the participation from your associates.

At the center of our philosophy is a commitment to provide you with successful employee benefit plans. We utilize the latest technologies, the deepest discounts, the broadest networks, and provide a wide range of benefit solutions.